Oct. 16th, 2013

So in the US of A we have a massive government shutdown, ongoing since the 1st of the month. Now if you do any surfing of the Internets you can't escape the bloody thing. Just cannot if you hit any of the news sites, unless you are hitting extremely local and specialised sites.  And why is it happening? Believe me a lot of Americans from the US are asking the same damned question. And the mainstream media(I'm looking at you CNN) is too damned timid to call it like it is. False equivalency is the name of the game here and that's to put it bluntly horse shit. The people who are holding the US of A's federal government hostage are approximately 81 extremely extremist republicans who were elected from districts so gerrymandered that had proper districting happened, very few of them could get elected to anything better than dog catcher. These are people who were elected to dismantle the government, to shrink it down to nothing at all, except what benefits them and theirs. In other words: Traitors.

These are people who don't give a rat's ass about anyone but themselves, anything but what they believe in or want to have. Selfish assholes who for the most part would flunk the most basic civics class required in the state of California to graduate from high school.  One of them said something today that had me shaking my head and just ... oh hell no, he didn't just say the US government has 4 branches did he? I'm not a lawyer, did not get an Interwebs law degree, but I had to take ConLaw as a core class for my criminal justice degree back in the very early 90s.  I actually went out looking for a copy of the US constitution today(it's easy to find online), and no where in that very clear document does it describe 4 branches of federal government. It describes three, executive(the president, cabinet, et al), legislative(the senate, house of representatives(bozos!)), and the judicial(starting w/the supreme court and down through the federal circuit courts). All this is accessible online. I am sure Apple has an app for it and Android probably does to. If they don't maybe some smart programming type with a poly sci minor could write one.

So, now we are hitting phase II of this thing, as if phase I didn't suck enough here ... Having put a whole lot of US Americans in financial pain by shutting down the federal government, these bozos are doing all they can to ensure that the US of A defaults on it's debt payments, by refusing to raise the 'debt ceiling'(whatever that is). Without raising that ceiling, we default on debt payments. Hello economic collapse world edition. It won't just tank the US of A's economy, it will severely hurt everyone else's economy. So the bozos are playing chicken and guess what? The stakes went up and not in a good way. Whoever thought shutting down the government to get their way was a good idea? Shoot yourselves, NOW.  What kills me is this is over a law that has gone into effect as of 1 October, the day they shut down government because 41+ attempts to defund it didn't work, a Supreme Court challenge didn't work and it is the law of the land already. Can we arrest these treasonous fools now? Can we lock them up and try them for gross stupidity?  And for anyone who doesn't know what they want gone? It's easily that very socialist piece of legislation that many didn't think went far enough: the Affordable Care Act(AKA Obamacare). I personally believe it to be flawed as I really thought we should've gone single provider, like other countries have.

So now they sit and stubbornly refuse to do anything to make this right. They will not vote on anything that doesn't defund ACA, they stubbornly refuse to believe how catastrophic defaulting US debt would be worldwide. They are acting like toddlers on a sugar rampage and doing all they can to ensure their rampage hurts everyone, continuously blaming everyone but themselves for the shit storm they started, and will not give in so saner folk can try to salvage the mess. I want to punch them all in the throat hard enough to severely hurt them. Dreams of firing squads have hit me and I don't even agree with the death penalty. They are still trying shenanigans with birth control coverage and such. Their politics are garbage, unless you are a white male who votes for them. The rest of us do not count.

So yeah, this ... just has me enraged. I get disability through VA. I got paid this month. I might get paid next month. I might not though. My son in the Army? Got his end of month September check, he will not get his mid-month October check. And he is one of many serving in the military who will not get paid who's creditors could frankly care less. They need to be paid now, not when the government opens up again.  And here's a kick in the face of all those federal employees who are furloughed and not getting paid on time. The people who did this to all of us? Well, they are getting paid.

So seriously folks, why isn't someone over at the Attorney General's office not making a case for arresting them for treason? Because I think you could show probable cause and you might just make it stick on some of them. Let's start with Ted Cruz(junior senator from TX, Republican(Tea Party)). A man who would dearly love to be on the party ticket for the presidency in 2016(not eligible, born in Canada(pity Canada probably won't take his ass back)). He's been all over the place bleating that it's the Dems fault when he's also egging the worst of the House on in their refusal to negotiate or surrender to logic. Hell someone has a list of these people who's goal has been all along to shut down the US. Arrest them, try them and then? Put them in Leavenworth or a nasty supermax. No club fed for these bozos. Give them the diet a person on food stamps has to endure. Show them how the rest of us who aren't taking lobby money from everyone and not making congress person's pay live. Let them join the 99%.



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