So, been following the hurricane and all the other stuff surrounding it.  NOLA is a ghost town right now and it appears that for the most part the evac went smoothly.  Seems that Louisiana learned something 3 yrs ago and not only evacced people but they also evacced the family pets.  I really hope that this is all a tempest in the proverbial teacup but, I honestly expect NOLA  will see damage. The good part is most everyone, even the poorest of the poor got out.  Anyone left now chose to stay.  That said I cannot help but remember Katrina and how awful that was.  I think we are all a bit scarred by it and Rita which followed a month later.  I spoke with my daughter who lives in Houston and she was remembering the 10 hrs it took her to get 168 miles to Austin during the Rita evac.  She'd prefer not to go through that one again. The friends I have who lived in NOLA before Katrina never returned there and honestly I think miss the city a lot.  Being born and raised in Earthquake country I think I might have more sympathy for those who went back to NOLA after Katrina.  It's home, and it's hard to leave that behind just because nature likes to fuck with your home. 

I am hoping that this will not be the disaster we saw 3 yrs ago and that the people who took off this weekend for safer territory can return home as soon as possible.  God knows I loved visiting NOLA in the past, and I would hate to see it go away as a city.  I am hoping that the lessons learned of Katrina result in a better aftermath than the last one.  My exhusband works for FEMA and curiously enough(considering how rancorous the divorce was) I am hoping he is safe in all of this. He most likely will be a first responder from what I understand of his job.  I am hoping like hell we don't have another one come right on Gustav's heels like we did with Kat and Rita three yrs ago.  That was stressful for the entire area, and even in Austin we've not forgotten it.  So while this Labor Day weekend has been a serious bust for my area of the world I am hoping everyone else has had a good one. 



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