Jan. 20th, 2009

Just broke away from the tube here, I must say I cried. Totally lost it when he took the oath.  As an old fart just one month shy of 50 I remember how it was, and I wonder if the generation behind me really gets how important this was and is to our history.  Right now I have the MSNBC feed going and they are discussing the 'nuts and bolts' but damn that crowd on the mall and the joy you could feel through the TV screen ... it just lifts my soul. 

The music was beautiful.  Aretha was great singing 'My Country tis of The' and the quartet of instruments doing 'Simple Gifts' was a tear inducer here.  The crowd singing along with the Navy chorus was quite nice.  Gotta say it, this inauguration was pure pleasure for me to watch.  I hated Bush as a president and governor, but as a private citizen I wish him well.  I just hope I never see him in politics again. Otherwise, live long dude.  

The media have made much of Obama's race in this and I don't think they've overstated it.  I recall a very emotional entry the night of the election concerning this.  I remember saying that I NEVER told my children that the presidency was something they could aspire to because of their color.  Well they can tell their children that it is an office they can aspire to. History has happened here.  I wish Obama well, I voted for him, but I wouldn't want his job.  The challenges facing him are huge. I hope he can do it, I hope we can do it.  And yes I think we can do it.



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