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I plan on being a very bad winner next Tuesday night when the election returns come in if my party wins.  I've been waiting 28yrs for a LIBERAL voice to rise that would inspire the people of the US and we finally got one.  I have a very long and vindictive memory when it comes to politics. I hold grudges.  I make no bones about where I stand which is to the left of most of the people I know here in TX.   And I really hope that when it's all said and done and I've sung an aria(yeppers I'm the fat lady!) we get a better government than what we've got over the past 28yrs.

I am looking forward to some real schadenfreude here. I've wanted that unholy coalition of conservative, neo-con and religious right that has indulged in hatefests and exclusion to implode for yrs.  And the worst part?  At one time the republican party was a party I could respect.  That has been untrue for so long my dislike and disdain has hardened over the decades of their abuse of government.  That they are imploding under the widely reviled presidency of GWB, the campaign of an old washed up senator who's ambition is bigger than his so-called honor with the side kick of the couture wearing hockey mom, just sweetens it for me. They are truly in tatters and what comes next may well be a very long exile from the halls of power they swaggered down all the while corrupting those halls to their own uses.  During that exile they will have to examine what they've become and that sort of self examination is always painful.  And then they will have to reinvent themselves.  Hopefully they will come back as a party that is worthy of respect again, but I'm not counting on it.

I've seen too much of what the republicans can and do do to our country for me to respect what they've become. I wrote once they'd been hijacked by the extreme right, the religious right and they drove their own moderates out.  I suspect the day after the election the punditocracy will be pontificating on where they went wrong and how wrong they went.  The rot was there all the way back in 1980 when they nominated and elected a beloved actor, turned crappy governor who thought medicare was a socialist plot by the government.  A man elected who stated that government was the problem.  It was not the problem, bad governing was.  Anyone who tells me that Ronald Reagan was a great president gets an earful from me here.  I grew up in a California he governed and I saw our school systems, some of the best in the country decline.  I saw income, property and sales taxes increase to the point that the voters revolted and passed prop 13(slogan: We're mad as hell and we won't take it anymore!).  A mess that CA still reverberates from, just as the federal government is still reeling from the 'trickle down economics' called Reaganomics.  

Never mind Iran-Contra.  Never mind that the last 4yrs Reagan was most likely suffering the onset of his Alzheimer's.  Never mind that we saw a marine colonel LIE his ass off and the right wing elevated him to saint hood. Never mind that the republicans introduced the politicisation of religion.  The religious right has been a stain on the polity of the US for way too long in my eyes.  Their wedge issues and their outright hate of anything and anyone that does not conform to what they think is right is a stain on our country.  

We saw the advent of divisive politics with the advent of Bush Sr, during his campaign a good man was smeared with slime so bad he never came back from it.  Lee Atwater has some 'splainin to do to God, he's dead now and he did attempt to apologise to his victims.  Will Karl Rove?  And did we really need  such slimy politics? Did we really need candidates who out and out pandered to one segment of the population and demonised another based on religion, ethnicity, and difference?  What happened to inclusion and the melting pot?

We did get one democrat in office during the long exile, but hell he was hamstringed by the republicans who investigated everything he and his spouse ever did.  That he got anything done at all is a miracle!  And impeachment for sex?  WTF??? I understand and remember it was consensual.  The more they hounded Bill Clinton the more I hoped the National Enquirer would dig up some slime on them.  I remember a whole lotta disrespect and the gnashing of teeth on the republican side of it, 'but it's about character baby' stuff that never comes up when their own aren't poly pure.  Oh no it never comes up when Rush Windbag Wingnut gets busted with pharmaceuticals and viagra scrips in another name.  It never comes up when John McCain a self admitted adulterer who married his current for her cash runs.  It doesn't come up when W ran and had a past that included cocaine, booze and all sorts of stupidity.  Fuck character as an argument against; unless it applies equally to both sides.  Until it does, fuck it and the horse it rode in on.

Then we got their coup de grace.  GWB a solid C student at Yale(a legacy student) who never did grow a business.  All of them failed.  And Cheney who if I had to apply a Harry Potter character he'd actually rate as Voldemort.  We got the Patriot Act, TSA and Homeland Security.  WTF were we thinking?  YOU CANNOT TRADE FREEDOM FOR SECURITY!!!  IT DOES NOT WORK.   EVER.  Yet we did.  We got Iraq, with shady intel, and I feel sorry for Powell because he sold it, after he drank the Bushco kool aide.  We got outsourced jobs.  We got tax cuts and consolidation of wealth to the richest of our citizens and we got demonisation of the other.  I could go on but hell it hurts to even think about what GWB and his cronies did to the US.  And the fact that two presidential elections just might be illegitimate?  That folks scares me.  

So now we get a new guy on the scene, who actually got face time before he hit the Senate in 2004.  A man who has dared to speak of hope, not hate.  A man they attempt to smear with such things as 'he pals around with terrorists!', "he's a muslim', he's not one of us'.  No he isn't one of us.  He's better than us.  He's educated, intelligent and quite frankly willing to do the work.  And God he inspires.  He has my kids generation locked up!  They know he's on their side when it comes to our planet, the war, and how we need to be as Americans.  And yeah he has me too.  For the first time in yrs it isn't politics as usual.  There's a guy out there who inspires.  He speaks of our better natures and he means it.  He spoke of something greater than our fear of the other and God knows we love him for it.  

The polls say he can win and probably will win.  I check fivethirtyeight.com every freaking day to ensure he's still up.  And I plan on celebrating with a good healthy dose of schadenfreude here.  I've warned the republicans I know that I plan to gloat.  I plan on celebrating a good bit, then the sleeves will roll up and I will be looking to see what I can do to help Mr Obama make that difference.  It may not be much, and God knows you all are getting the cliff notes here, if I got into women's issues I'd still be mired in the antichoice days of the Reagans, but yeah we mobilised, but this is just a beginning.  We need to carry it through.  My kids, and their kids deserve this.  

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