Okay a week ago I posted that my daughter is pregnant with twins.  Good news right?  Well I had bad news or not so good news concerning my sister the same day.  But yeah I am happy for my daughter.  Now if anyone has some morning sickness remedies I would be very appreciative as morning sickness just did NOT hit me the way it hits her.

American Idol is running and very close to finale time. Right now there is 1 contestant that I want gone and dialidol.com is showing that he may well be gone.  Goodie.  I think that out of the final 3 we got 2 really talented guys who will sell.  

On the political front as a Texan I am ashamed of the current governor.  He's an asshole.  I find myself heartened by the decisions in Iowa and the actions in New England extending the right of marriage.  Make no mistake, here, I accept the religious meaning, but religion isn't the only forum that uses the term of marriage.  I believe that civil marriage SHOULD be extended.  Religions will do as they will.  And if marriage is too loaded a term then take it out of the legal lexicon!  Make all civil unions or legal unions, domestic partnerships. I was married in front of a judge many yrs ago, and divorced in front of a judge not so long ago.  My Church had nothing to do with it really.  And I am of an age where Loving v. Virginia had an impact.  My ex is NOT white. But he is male and I am female.  So we fit the accepted norms of the time. I don't think my norms are necessarily others, and I don't think I have the right to judge so yeah I approve the extension of marriage to same sex couples because love should be encouraged, not discouraged.

I'll probably be traveling again this summer.  Sister not doing well and friend in MN who is needing support. I like travel but know that this will kill my acclimation to TX weather.  Not liking that.  

Got a new Coach handbag for Mother's Day and I figure this is my 'IT' bag here.  Coach is nowhere near as expensive as other designers such as Louis Vuitton(got a fake of that) or Gucci(yet another fake!).  But it's an American designer and the style is classic so yeah I am happy with it.



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