Years ago, back in the stone age according to my daughter, but actually when disco was a trend, when I was in high school I was in the choir. I was in choir all through high school and junior high school. I loved to sing, just loved to. Loved to perform. I don't think I ever had a moment of stage fright or fear of it. And I WAS GOOD. I won a scholarship to the San Francisco Conservatory of Music, and I turned it down. There were reasons, always there were reasons. And yes there were over the yrs regrets, but not many. It was right at that time and I refuse to cry in my beer over it. I won the music awards that the school awarded and one from the Bank of America. I don't have those awards now, since I left them with my mother(along with the HS diploma) and God only knows where they are today and yes I am proud that I was that good.

Anyways I've had what some refer to as an earworm lately. Just cannot get this song out of my head and it's a piece I performed last in 1976 in A Capella choir called "Movin' On".  Now I know damned well it's still performed and youtube brought up some excellent, good and not so good performances of it. The absolute best version was a mens chorus in Colorado. They had a soloist that gave me goosebumps here. He was that good.

The song is one commonly used in choirs, but it isn't as trite or as superficial as a lot of modern choral music can be. I wonder what the writer was thinking when he wrote it. I know it really hit me where I was living in 1974 when I first learned it and I was dealing with grief over the death of a first cousin I was close to who drowned at the beach one Saturday one week into the yr. I'm going to post the lyrics as I found them on the Internet because they still speak to me. Even almost 40yrs later they speak. And yeah there's been loss since then and gains but oh .... I wonder what the composer was thinking when he wrote this.

there is a voice that has no name
it comes with evening or behind the rain
i have no time now to stop and explain
i just keep moving
cause it helps to ease the pain

the night has music that calls to me
across the shadows of an endless sea
i seek the shadows of yesterday
today has hold me and i must be on my way

speak to me softly but tell me no lies
i see tomorrow shinning in your eyes
i have no time now to stop and explain
i just keep moving
cause it helps to ease the pain

Oh and for anyone wondering, my sister who was diagnosed in 2005 with pancreatic cancer has beat the odds. She's still here 8yrs later when they only gave her at most 3yrs.



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