Yeah, sorry I am late with that, but on the first I was traveling.  When I got home I just crashed.  I spent most of December in MN freezing my tush off.  That white stuff on the ground?  Looks pretty but is hellishly cold.  Anyways the genesis of this trip was the news that my son was going to Iraq(he's there right now).  My friend T is married to an airline pilot so she can and does score free tickets on the airline.  She and I have been close friends for over 20yrs now, and she got this wild hair that I should spend Christmas with her and her family and having the airline connection she made it so.  So three weeks outside of St Paul MN later I return to temps above freezing and my own bed.  Make no mistake I had a ball in MN, meeting all of her extended family and freezing my tush off and I might have even managed to lose some poundage up there, but yeah I am glad to be home in my own space with my own computer and not the laptop I was carrying.  I came back with much more than I left with and I have to mail back a suitcase to T that held the overage.  But for ending what was an eventful yr, this trip was a good one.  

One thing we did do was see movies.  She gets DVDs from China so we did a Tudors marathon, she loves the show and I've wanted to see it for a while but I don't have premium cable and I won't have it because no one watches much TV here.  We also went to see Twilight, twice.  I'm kinda meh about the series and the movie was okay, but she loves it so we saw it.  The music is good, so I downloaded the soundtrack.  I've not read the books and I doubt I will.  I need a new fandom like I need another ear piercing ... NOT!  RPattz was good as Edward, the chick who played Bella was a tad bit annoying but I think that's more the character she was playing.  Sorry, I never got the whole 'I define myself by the man I attract'  thing.  

I also came back with the makings of an epic cold.  I smoke but her house is nonsmoking.  No biggie, smoke outside right?  I smoked less up there because it was colder than I'm used to but none the less I smoked.  Outside in subzero temps.  Now I got the cold that goes with that.  My bad, I'll get over it.  

I've been keeping up with the flist there, but not commenting much and certainly not making entries of my own.  I was also helping T adjust to a gluten free diet(she has the celliac thing going on) and learning more about gluten free than I thought was possible.  She still had some incidents with gluten and I wouldn't wish that kind of pain on anyone I like or dislike(damned nasty reactions).  The good thing about such a diagnosis now is there are lots of resources out there for her and for anyone looking at a gluten free diet.  We found tons of resources both on the web and in the book stores and grocery stores.  The key thing of course is reading ingredients and knowing what is and isn't kosher as it were.  But this diagnosis has cleared up so many misdiagnoses over the yrs for her, it's a true blessing to KNOW what the problem actually IS.  Fortunately for her there are two grocery chains in her area that HAVE gluten free stuff right there on the shelves. 

Anyways the son is in Iraq for now, and I am concerned because it's still messy over there.  My daughter had a good Xmas, spent it with her in-laws.  I had a great  Xmas cooking the Xmas dinner for the hoard of guests up there(I enjoyed that immensely, hadn't done cooking like that in yrs!).  Roomie had himself a quiet one here with out any fuss which he tells me he enjoyed.  He grilled steaks and watched the entire Die Hard series on DVD that day.  I hope everyone on my list and off it had a good holiday. 

And my devout hope is that we all have a great 2009!



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