I've been away for well over 3yrs now.  Looking around I was surprised at how many are still here. Anyways, the election just happened and I voted and my guy at the top won. Not so much on the state level and well TX put a Tea Party Rethug(if it's Tea Party, it's thug!) in. I became a Grandmother in December 2009, when my dearest daughter gave birth to a boy and a girl. Go Baby! She had a harsh pregnancy, with twins and all that. My son has been to Iraq twice and Afghanistan looms large in his future. For some reason that bothers me much more than Iraq ever did. Could it be that the history of fighting against Afghanis is so damned nasty for the non-Afghani? No one has ever really been able to conquer them ... see USSR(1979), Great Britain(mid19th Century) and others of course.

Anyways in time things have changed quite a bit here.
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Obamacare got me health coverage through my SO(who I've called Roomie here). Of course VA has taken up a lot of slack for quite some time here. I have a dear friend who voted against Obama last time but voted for based on Obamacare this time. It actually benefited her and her kids and it was enough for her to go pro and vote Dem for the first time like ever. Nah, she voted for Bill Clinton, which considering she's evangelical, shocked me. Bill's main claim to fame aside from Monica, is that he WAS one damned effective politician. I can totally believe Obama's jokes about making him the Secretary of 'Splaining things. Bill got it done. Bill could walk into a room of folk who LOATHED him and walk out besties when he was done. Don't know how he did it, but he did.

Anyways TX elected a Tea Party dude to the senate. Now, I loathe Cornyn, but he's a business as usual TX pol. He's been around the State Agency block here in Austin as it were. I know nothing about this dude Cruz, other than he's Tea Party. I voted against based on the Tea Party thing. They DO NOT speak for me or to my needs as a constituent of the US. So I voted for the other guy who got shellacked by 17% points. It happens, but I suspect in 2016 TX will shock the hell outta the folk who think it's in the bag as a red state. Five of the 6 most populous counties went blue this time and did the same last time. Our Latino population is growing, and they don't care for 'self-deportation'? Good God, some of the Latino families here  in TX have been in the US longer than my WHITE family!

I told a friend of mine the other night that I was getting a mite upset with the term used to 'splain the result here: demographics. Seemed like it was a way for the white male talking heads to describe 'the other' who voted; the female, the nonwhite, the non-Christian. Kinda like a buzzword to say ... NOT us. Guess what white guy Protestant? There are more of US, than you! Yeppers! Women are 53% of the population and no we are NOT the 'little women' who vote lockstep with our spouses, fathers, brothers. Latinos will outnumber Anglo Texans in the near future, Asians are a growing population in the US. And blacks are pretty much saying, try to supress us and we WILL respond, and YOU will NOT like it.

Yeah, threaten our bodily autonomy and burn ... Most of Team Rape as Jezebel called 'em are gone. Shows what it means to piss of women. The idiots who talked of 'legitimate rape' lost big. As for that guy in Indiana who said that rape babies are a gift from God and went on about how abortion was adding violence against an already violated woman? Okay, warning here, I will discuss my OWN personal business here since I CAN address him here. I am pro-choice. I don't remember a time when I wasn't, and that includes the yr 1981, when I was raped and became pregnant as a result. I gave birth to that child and raised him. He is my son, who I love dearly for who HE is, not who his father was. He has grown to be a man I am proud to call my son. But having him, and raising him was MY CHOICE. No one else s. I was in California when it happened, abortion WAS an option, I chose NOT. I CHOSE. Not some asshole politician who's never been there. I CHOSE. I was violated, I was impregnated and I chose to bring that life into being by continuing the joint occupancy of my body. My choice and yes I don't think I have ANY right to tell another woman how to control her reproduction. I've been on the pill, I've had the tubal ligation and all of that was MY choice. Not my pastor's, not my ex-spouses, and not anyone else s but mine. And I want that for my daughter and my granddaughter. I don't want anyone to hear a doctor question them about their spouses approval when they go for a tubal ligation. That happened to me, and I ended up in front of my ex's commanding officer when I slapped the doctor down verbally stating it was my choice and my body. Believe it or not, the CDR was on MY side. When I met his wife I got it. She was a feminist who made an impact on him.

So that last para explains a bit about me.  Pro-life in my own dealings, pro-choice for everyone else. And the reason? I don't have the right to judge another, and I truly believe this. It is not my place to police others or tell them how to live. I am not with out sin. And I am no great example of how to live. I made my mistakes and I own them. And I DO NOT think a predominately male institution, Church or otherwise has the right to govern female bodies and reproduction. Just sayin' here. I may have been baptised Catholic but until the Church sees the light on contraception and reproduction(and they won't as long as men are in charge) I'm out. And honestly, one thing that totally pisses me off on the pro-life side of things? It's all good til that fetus is born! Then well... there is NO support for that child or it's mother. Sorry if you want them to give birth, better support the pregnancy and the result.

Which brings me to the real bugaboo here. Some of these pro-life folk would have NO problem with aborting minority children. Black, Latino, Asian... whatever. It aint white, so yeah get rid of it. And before ANYONE calls ME out? I am WHITE 1st gen American from Europe and IF anyone CAN say this, it's me. I've worked in the welfare office(food stamps, AFDC, & Medicaid), I saw women who were stuck, having kids they may have chosen not to had the option been there(which it hasn't since 1978). I saw generational welfare(I left BEFORE welfare reform). It still exists, I am sure. Racism exists and has consequences which I am sure the WASP(white anglo-saxon protestant) male will reap.

Ya know I'd have little problem with the pro-life agenda if it would support the mother and the child, it does not, so I cannot get behind it. And honestly? I don't think any person who cannot experience pregnancy because their gender doesn't? Well they need to shut up.



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