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Guess who's back? In yet another fandom. Now making an appearance in Supernatural fandom, everyone's favorite con artist(?), Andy Blake who was known as all those other names listed in the title. Now I'm not in Supernatural as a fandom, but this person is notorious throughout fandom for his antics. He currently uses the name Andythanfiction on tumblr and is writing meta about Supernatural. Honestly, did he not do enough damage back in the day?

Andy started small. In the 90's it was Voyager fandom and Due South. At the time he identified as female and wrote some het fic. Check out Trekiverse for the Voyager stuff, if it was posted there, it's still there. That's one monstrous huge archive and it's still maintained. IIRC correctly VoyagerBabe was on several Paris/Torres mail lists, not really crazy there. That came later. I was in Voyager fandom but pretty quiet in that I didn't belong to a lot of mail lists(didn't have time; grad school and nuclear divorce were also happening then) so I didn't know him then.

I totally missed the LOTR fandom and all I can say is "whew! Dodged that wanky mess!" From everything I hear after the fact, it was one hell of a ride as a fandom, but it did flame out for the most part after the last movie. Of course by then 'Tentmoot' had happened and that truly is Andy's claim to fame in many ways. [livejournal.com profile] turimel has written the book on that one, literally. And of course fandom wank had plenty to say about it. Short story, Andy met Orangeblossom online, moved in with her(moving cross country to do so) aided in imploding OB(Orangeblossom's) marriage and then decided to throw a convention. Around that time Andy changed her name from Victoria Bitter(her LOTR name) to Jordan Wood and started identifying as male. And of course there were problems. Lots of problems. Seems like Andy is quite charismatic and really does know how to lay on the charm and all that. Thing is, throwing a con takes a lot of work and organisation and I don't think Andy had a fucking clue how much it took at that time. So of course it imploded, and of course some folks lost money. And hard feelings were had by all. And Andy? When it fell apart, Andy took a handful of pills(this according to Orangeblossom who has posted extensively about this on her own blog) passed out and got 48hrs in the hospital for a failed suicide attempt. [livejournal.com profile] turimel being one of the burned wrote a book about it and published it. It's still available on Amazon. I haven't read it, and yes this is no where near the detail she had here, this is the VERY short version.  And nowhere near ALL teh crazy that surrounded Andy at this time.  Orangeblossom was with Andy for yrs and it took some serious intervention to break away. I will link to her blog at the end of this entry. I ripped through it last night because my best bud called at 0230 back from China, still on China time and woke my ass up, so, I've been catching up on this and refamiarising myself with the tale, because I couldn't get back to sleep. God when I crash it will be epic!

Anyways [livejournal.com profile] turimel wrote her book and kept a wary eye out on Andy.  Smart move that, Andy wasn't done by a longshot. Sometime in the middle of the decade, Orangeblossom hit the fucking wall with the crazy and called her mother and got rescued. Kudos to her mother for NOT letting Andy drive her away. It had to be so damned hard to watch her daughter go through this and I doubt she knew the half of it at the time it was going on. Not much was being heard about Andy in fandom, the occasional fandom wank appearance where people were like '[livejournal.com profile] turimel get a life!'

Then, [livejournal.com profile] thanfiction showed up and started posting over on ff.net, "Dumbledore's Army and the Year of Darkness"(DAYD).  And it hit rec lists and it was talked about. It spawned an LJ community, and other people started writing short one shots in his universe and he got fans. Lots of them.  And the stories about his life, his miserable fucked up abused child soldier fleeing the IRA life.  Wait! Unpack that last sentence.  Child soldier? Fleeing the IRA? Abused? Where do you start with this stew of crazy??? All I can say is NONE of this is or was true. Andy Blake was born Amy Player in the USA and grew up here.  AFAIK he has NEVER been to Northern Ireland. Rumor has it he spoke with an Irish accent(I would've dearly loved to have heard it, just so I could call bullshit on it), and claimed to have been in the IRA. IIRC correctly, Amy/Andy was born in 1983, the Peace Accords were signed in 1998 when he was 15yrs old. I rather doubt the IRA story for those reasons. As for being a child soldier? When? Andy's life has been pretty well documented by his Internet presence and the people who know him.

And of course [livejournal.com profile] turimel has kept her eye out for him. She outed him as [livejournal.com profile] thanfiction in 2009 when the DAYD fans decided to throw a convention. She smelled scam and it might have become one, but Andy was NOT the organiser.  But it hit fandom wank then and the reaction? Pretty much to be expected.  This person is never ever going away and maybe [livejournal.com profile] turimel should just let go. And ya know I do understand that feeling, except ... [livejournal.com profile] thanfiction HAS hurt people and in 2011 three people died. Brittany Quinn who was involved in the DAYDverse and his group of fans was killed by her estranged SO, along with a roommate and the SO(who suicided). Andy was shot in the ankle. That right there pretty much changed how I view [livejournal.com profile] turimel and her watching this character. It gets worse. Much worse in that [livejournal.com profile] thanfiction milked this into donations so he could do some long assed hike in memorium to Brittany and used her story as the basis of an anti-domestic violence website to get more fans or minions to follow the sunshining out of his ass.  He also got a tumblr account where he writing meta about Supernatural. The fen there are getting the msg about this guy and hopefully he won't be involved in other deaths. The mental damage he has done in the past is considerable. I personally would not trust a word out of his lying mouth. And I feel real sorry for his parents.

Now some links. Orangeblossom/AKA Abbey blogs over on Wordpress as KumquatWriter. She has tagged all the Andy stuff under The Crazy Train.  Very informative and yes it explained a hell of a lot. URL=http://kumquatwriter.wordpress.com/

Flutiebear at tumblr has put out the word and has plenty of links over on tumblr.  Have a link=

And of course Journalfen at Clairvoyantwank has a report. http://www.journalfen.net/community/clairvoyantwank/

I'd post a link the FW wiki but it's been down for months which is a real pain in the neck since there is so much there concerning Andy Blake under all his identities.



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