Aug. 31st, 2013

Well I have a really good friend I went to college with who pretty much hits every movie showing. It's her thing, she likes movies and she can afford to go for the most part. So she called me about a week ago and mentioned the Mortal Instruments and asked if I wanted to go. I was more than a bit negative. I want to see The Butler myself and my funds are limited so I'm not spending a dime on an adaptation of anything written by Cassandra Clare. I'm afraid I was a bit snarky about it and she wanted the story. I told her hit the movie and call me later.

She lasted 20 minutes. She walked out, got a refund and hit me on speed dial in the parking lot with her cell. What the hell was that, she asked. We arranged to meet at a place with wifi and I brought the iPad so she could see the Bad_Penny stories about CC's plagiarism. There is NOT enough booze on the planet to tell this story to someone who has no interest in fandom.  My friend was flabbergasted that this woman got picked up by publishers who read a live journal where she ripped off Bridget Jone's Diary and made it about the freakin hobbits in LOTR. She was further amazed when I explained another claim to fame was teh Draco trilogy where she basically invented Draco in leather pants. The whole thing about her bullying people in fandom online? The laptop thing? The iPod thing? Heidi patrol and the Inner Circle? Well that was a bit too involved for her and even a bit much for me since while I enjoy fanfiction and fandom? I wasn't that involved that I got noticed by the BNFs of the day and quite frankly I am glad their day is DONE.

My friend who has absolutely NO fandom involvement was amazed that someone like her got published. I pretty much said CC was real good at networking and advancing her cause which is CC. She used people left right and center and for some reason got away with it.  I wonder what Heidi Tandy might say about her now that CC has her books and such but Heidi got nothing in the way of thanks for any of it. Heidi had to be one of CC's biggest boosters in HP for the longest time. Didn't she organise the whiparound to get CC a new laptop when her apt in New York got burglarised? Oh and her roommate and boyfriend too? Wasn't she the one who set up the 501(c)3 to get Fiction Alley up so CC's fiction would be online AFTER booted her for the plagiarism in the Draco Trilogy? Wasn't she one of CC's BFFs???

Ah well guess the intellectual property lawyer from FL didn't make the cut, when CC went bigtime published writer. Too bad. I suspect Aja might sympathise....NOT!!!

Anyways it's always fun to see a nonfandom person's reaction to this. And my friend did not disappoint. She was like this was more drama than my divorce. I was like and it was safer than my divorce too. We had a good laugh and we might catch The Mortal Instruments on cable, but I doubt it.



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