Nov. 10th, 2008

Okay, it's done.  Barack Obama will be sworn in on 20 January 2009. We elected a majority of Dems in the House and with some Senate races still in holding pattern or vote counting, we still have a majority.  We won on the pro-choice front also. Two rather destructive pro-life propositions in two different states failed.  That's the good news.   The bad news? Gay marriage failed. In CA prop 8 actually removed the right to marry from gay people in that state. 

There is a lot of rage in the gay community in CA, and even accross the country at this action.  Some are blaming black voters. Wrong answer.  Black people only make up 6.2% of the total population in CA. Not all of them are voters.  The majority that defeated prop 8 are not black.  They range throughout the entire color line in CA as it exists today.  Some are rightly looking at where the pro 8 money came from and finding that most of it came from religious groups, like the Mormons and the Knights of Columbus and other conservative religious groups.  That's good, follow the money, and then show them why they should maybe think twice about flexing their cash dollars in elections.  Elections, as Rachel Maddow says, have consequences.  Boycotting Mormon owned businesses and Utah's tourist industry is not a bad idea(even if the industry is NOT Mormon run, they can effect some leverage on the Church when revenue goes down).  Picketing those nice Mormon Temples and other Churches will show the membership that perhaps voting against one group's civil rights and marriage IS a civil right, has consequences.

Where to go from here? After the demonstrating is done? Back to court for starters. And if the proponents of prop 8 think they've nullified 18,000 marriages retroactively? That makes it federal.  The US Constitution prohibits the passage of ex poste facto laws.  That means retroactive laws folks, and that makes it federal.

Taking it back to the ballot is also another approach and will probably be attempted.  The good news is the defeat was a fairly narrow one.  The bad news? It was still a defeat.  And if it goes back to the ballot, the people who want gay marriage are going to have to do it better than the other side did. They are going to have to counter every single smear about teaching it in school and forcing Churches to marry gays or lose their exemptions.  They are going to have to define what marriage really is legally.  And separate the legal from the religious.  A good starting point is Loving v. Virginia.  Even after it went through, there were quite a few clergy who refused to perform interracial marriages.  They weren't punished for it either.  Their churches did NOT lose their tax free status and boy they really fear the very idea of that.  So yeah that must be countered by the pro gay marriage side of it.

CA is but one state though and quite honestly I want this to hit the Supreme Court after Obama has a chance to get some good young center-left activist judges appointed. If it goes like Loving v. Virginia it will toss out every state's amendments and DOMA laws, and legalise it accross all 50 states. I think it could happen and if it is decided that prop 8 invalidates those 18,000 marriages performed between June and November, it will end up on the docket after it winds through the courts.

We have a new president who will inherit some really crushing issues from the old president.  He has our goodwill and a good percentage of the worlds, but he will have to act to alleviate.  It won't solve overnight, took longer than that to make the mess, but it will solve.  As for the idea that the US is a center-right country? I call bullshit on that. We want a government that works for us.  And the neocons and company failed so miserably  that they may never return to power in my lifetime.  The rightwing needs to recognise, they failed, and they failed badly.  Trickle down economics never worked.  It was a con, a massive con job.  Under the conservatives we got massive deficits, and bigger governemt that was far less effective than it should've been.  We got Homeland Security and the Patriot act, which were both con jobs that took and took and took and gave nothing back. 

President-elect Obama, go bold, get creative.  We'll back you.  

A word to the congress here.  If the republicans threaten filibuster? LET THEM.  And then put it on the air, on the news and C-Span.  Then give interviews about how we can't get things done because they fill the chambers with filibuster hot air.  Show the obstructionism.  Bet ya they get an earful from their constituents and it will not be all supportive. They're hurting too and they want health care and the economic cures. Believe me, I can use email and so can many others in red states who will tell them to STFU and pass the bill. Don't cave on em.  Just let them hang themselves. Oh and Senator Reid? Toss Lieberman out of the Dem caucus, he's a ratbastard who betrayed the party, and he deserves nothing from you, no consideration or respect.  



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